Full Guide to Xiaomi Cyberdog Features, Price and Comparison

You might have seen those high-end robots in the movies, roaming around and helping people. Xiaomi CyberDog is here in the market for you to provide you with that futuristic experience

In this brief guide, I will try to cover all the questions you have and tell you what you need to know about this advanced gadget made by Xiaomi, which is the center of attention now after everyone saw the impressive Boston Dynamics Spot.

Whether you want to know about it, want to buy it, or what would be the price? If you thought after the presentation of Boston Dynamics Spot “I want this!” but then you saw the price – could this be the solution? I’ve got your back, so without any further ado, let’s get right into the Xiaomi Cyberdog.

What is Xiaomi Cyberdog?

Xiaomi Cyberdog is a quadruped robot with the Chinese nickname “Tie Dan” translated as the “Iron Egg” designed and made by Xiaomi to give you the futuristic experience of keeping a pet dog (which is a machine) added with the features of a voice assistant.

The design of the Cyberdog can be called “inspired” by BD’s Spot – I would say it’s a straight copy xD. But in comparison, while Spot is a yellow industrial machine, the Cyberdog clearly aims at a consumer market with the silver matte look and the rounded edges. I love the looks of it, although it’s clearly a copy.

About the assistant features: For instance, if you want to know the temperature, all you have to do is call the name of your Cyberdog, and it would reply to you with a tacky “woof,” and you can ask something like ‘how’s the temperature’? Yeah, dude. You ask your dog about shit and he answers. That’s straight Sci-Fi book stuff.

But the fun doesn’t end here. Xiaomi Cyberdog, like Spot, has a pretty realistic momentum of physical movement inspired by 4 leg animals. It can walk, follow, run, dance, and even stand on two legs like a trained dog.

Mainly, this robot dog contains a set of powerful AI interactive binocular wide-angle and fisheye cameras that works as eyes. The robotic dog has powerful limbs with forceful servo motors that result in fast agility, great speed, and a broad range of motion. According to Xiaomi, it can reach about 3.2m/s, which is pretty impressive.

What can the Xiaomi Cyberdog do?

There is no doubt that this robotic dog is something special. There are numerous things that Xiaomi Cyberdog can do physically, and credit goes to the in-house developed high-performance servo motors. Xiaomi cyberdog can move forward, backward, run, follow, and even a backflip as well as stand on its legs.

But these things aside, there are numerous benefits that this robotic pet can do to entertain you or even try to make your life better.

1. Have Fun as a Dog

Obviously. I mean, every Nerd thought about robotic pets a some point, but before Boston Dynamics Spot everthing we saw was just child toys with sound but without realistic movement. The Xiaomi Cyberdog is a robot pet indeed, it is a step to the future. Clearly, you cannot compare it to a regular dog, but the Xiaomi Cyberdog can give you a pretty good and enjoyable time as a friendly pal.

2. Connection with Other Xiaomi Devices

Cyberdog is a robotic dog, and it can connect with all kinds of Xiaomi devices. So, how about if you want to listen to songs or turn on the lights? Your buddy would do all that for you. It also has a variety of connection ports – but the info we find on what is already working with other devices is a little nebulous at this point.

3. Powerful AI Quadruped Robotics that Protects from Applications

Clearly, cyberdog is full of surprises, and how great it is that it can protect you from malware and Ponzi applications.

There are numerous scam applications around. A wonderful part of keeping a robotic pet is that it would scan your surroundings and notify any suspicious activity.

Xiaomi Cyberdog vs. Spot from Boston Dynamics

Xiaomi cyberdog and Spot from Boston Dynamics both go head-to-head. Both are quadruped robots, have amazing designs, futuristic, and fabulous features.

But there’s a huge difference between to the two.

Spot is a (very expensive) industrial machine, built for professional tasks where it shall replace humans if the labor is easy but time-consuming (like surveillance) or where it’s too dangerous for humans (biohazard areas, areas liable to collapse or military). It can also use it’s advantages with IR-View and attach a lot of tools like the mouth-like robotic arm.

The Cyberdog in comparison is a toy first, which could be updated with some interesting functions for industrial use.

You can see this difference is many ways: If we look at the Spot, the manual control is with with a proprietary controller or programmed and moved by the algorithms of the Programming Interface. The Cyberdog uses your cellphone phone application.

Although the Cyberdog can do a backflip and looks a little more polished then Spot, the Cyberdog isn’t as stable. We could see the “kick the dog in the side” examples in both, but Boston Dynamics have added shock-resistant stability, and it can walk while carrying 14kg weight on top.

Buuuut, the biggest difference is the price. while Spot costs a stunning five digit price at least, you can get the Cyberdog for less then 2000 dollars. Here’s how:

How to Buy Xiaomi Cyberdog?

Let’s assume after realizing this futuristic gadget, next you will be wondering how you can buy Xiaomi cyberdog?

There are simple ways that you can follow to order one for yourself.

  • Search for Xiaomi Cyberdog on Xiaomi Global, and you can buy from there just by signing up and providing your details.
  • You can buy Xiaomi Cyberdog from AliExpress; however, their delivery time can take several days.
  • You can also check for your local importers if they have one, or they might import you one.

What is Xiaomi Cyberdog’s Price?

Without any doubt, the Xiaomi Cyberdog is one of THE nerd gadgets out there at the moment, but it all comes down to one major factor:

How much does Xiaomi Cyberdog cost?

Xiaomi Cyberdog can cost you from $800-$1700 depending on your delivery costs and sales tax. You can seek for deals from mass importers who can significantly reduce your costs.

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Coming down to the last straw, Xiaomi Cyberdog is a big step to the future. Also, it pushes us towards the robotic pals that we have always seen in sci-fi movies. 

However, it would be a long haul until this entire concept adjusts towards a better and more reliable usage, but you can enjoy the journey.

But I am pretty sure this article would give an entire brief of all the facts you need to know before making any decision. And If you need to know anything else, you can leave a comment below.


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