Guide to wireless payment rings and why you should consider buying them?

Suppose you are getting late for your meeting, you ran straight to the meeting, and on your way back, you had to buy groceries, but the worst part is that you forgot your credit card at home. Something similar might have happened to you in the past, right? What if you could keep your payment medium on you pretty much all time? To your surprise, a wireless payment ring can be your solution.

Wireless payment rings are just like simple rings that you can wear all the time but keeping your payment mediums along with you. These NFC rings can act the same as your credit cards, all you have to do is to activate them, and you are good to go to make quick payments.

Do you pay a monthly fee with an NFC ring?

The Biggest confusion that you might have for now is that if there are some hidden charges or monthly fees that you have to pay for the ring, right? You will be glad to know that there are no extra charges or monthly fees. All that you have to pay is for the ring, and you might have to get charged for linking your ring with the account, but that is all.

How wireless payment rings work?

As we said before, they are pretty quick and give you the authority to control your transactions without worrying about credit cards. Isn’t that amazing? To have a brief look at how you can use this ring, click on the video below. It’ll help you better understand how these wireless payment rings work.

The Best wireless payment rings.

Now that you are aware of what these wireless payment rings are and how you can use them, you’re good to have a look at these best NFC rings.

1. K ring

With K ring, you can quickly pay for all your bills right away, even for those who accept MasterCard Ⓡ. K ring is one fabulous method for contactless payments. However, it is available in the Netherlands and UK, but you can use it at retail outlets abroad with MasterCard contactless payments. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the K ring combines the NFC payments and travel functionalities together.

White K ring written with cyan interior and alphabet k in front.

2. McLear Ring

McLear is the one original wireless payment ring that has the contactless payment method, but the best feature is the travel pass, which is ready for you on your finger pretty much all the time. This ring works with Visa-enabled contactless terminals all around the globe. Furthermore, there are several banks around the globe that offer McLear rings for their customers.

Black and white colored McLears's wireless payment ring.


If you are looking for a smart yet fashionable ring that has all the transaction features, a wireless payment ring by GTJXEY is one that can be an all-rounder. They have six different sizes, which are definite to fit everyone. Certainly, GTJXEY has all the elegance that you can desire. Undoubtedly, it is the underdog of wireless payment rings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it.

A black and silver NFC ring with a small stone.

Final remarks

Now that you are aware of wireless payment rings and how they are shifting the paradigms of the modern world. We are sure that you would be looking forward to getting yours today. Hopefully, this post would answer all your questions, but in case you need some help with anything else, you are welcome to reach out in the comment section below. Our expert team would love to help you out.


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