7 Best budget-friendly android tablets by experts in 2023

Budget-friendly Android tablets have changed the world since they came into existence. Not that they are only proving themselves essential but also effective in several uses. A tablet can be used as a small TV screen that you can watch while relaxing on your bed. Also, it can be helpful in your travel journeys as a portable device, which will not take much space as a regular notebook.

These tablets can be a viable option if you are running a little low on budget, or you don’t want an expensive iPad. Nonetheless, the case, our expert team at DigitalNomadhardware has picked some fantastic options for you to try. So, how about you take a look at our collection of the 15 best budget-friendly Android tablets?

Best budget-friendly Android tablets

Here is a list of some amazing budget-friendly Android tablets that you would love to have a look at. Our team has listed some fabulous features that will help you choose the right one for yourself.

1. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus

Best budget-friendly android tablets Lenovo Smart Tab M10 plus placed on a charging dock that has stereo speakers below
Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus

Lenovo has never disappointed their customers, so how would they disappoint them this time. It is the best budget-friendly tablet that you can get your hands on for sure. The best thing that we come across in this device is that you can do several tasks together. For instance, we enjoyed using google assistant while going through the blog.

Another main reason for our admiration was the charging dock that comes from Lenovo. You can put your tablet on the dock and enjoy the hands-free experience while charging your tablet. Isn’t that amazing?

But the good part doesn’t end here. You will be glad to know that Lenovo M10 plus is equipped with plenty of fabulous features. It has a crisp display with vivid colors that are certainly going to please your eyes. Also, you can see some latest technology that comes with the tablet, such as the type-C USB and support for microSD cards.

2. Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 home screen with several famous applications in front.
Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon is known for its budget-friendly products. Similarly, the amazon fire HD 8 is a tablet you can have with maximum specifications and a tight budget. You can get an amazing camera on the side bezel, which will help you manage your video meetings even on travels.

Additionally, you will be getting the Alexa voice integration, which helps perform most of the tasks with your voice. Isn’t it amazing? However, if you want to use more of the tablet, we suggest getting the amazon prime subscription since this tablet comes with the Amazon ecosystem, which can be highly beneficial.

The last thing that comes with this tablet is that it is super cheap. You can get one for yourself in a surprising package. 

A little downside is the ads on Amazon tablets, mostly for Amazon Products and services. You can’t really turn it off, but it’s also not intrusive and mostly fit’s into the way you use the tablet anyway. That is the reason behind that amazing price.

3. Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus home screen with a person holding it hands.
Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

Suppose you need a tablet that is full of features and holds a remarkable place in the market. Lenovo Tab 4 Plus is your go-to device. It has a crisp quality image and vivid display that you will enjoy while watching your favorite TV shows.

But it doesn’t just end here; the comfort that you can enjoy while holding this tablet is something worth discussing. You can hold it pretty comfortably with a super 10-inch screen size. Moreover, the battery comes out pretty good you can play your favorite games for several hours, which is fabulous, right?

4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

A budget-friendly tab for kids in blue color.
Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Children don’t need all the extra features that come along with a regular tablet, right? Hence, Amazon has this special tab called Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, which doesn’t have unnecessary features and made something special for kids

The battery that comes with this tablet has proved to run for thirteen hours straight, so your kids can have a long time of fun without charging this tablet again. But it isn’t the best part. Even if your kids use the tablet, you would like to have those extra parental features coming in pretty handy. 

With that being said, you and your kids would certainly love this tablet, and it is one of the cheapest ones.

5. Lenovo Tab E8

Lenovo Tab E8 in landscape and portrait view with flying airplane wall paper.
Lenovo Tab E8

Lenovo is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in such technology. So, how about you have a look at the Lenovo Tab E8, which is loaded with remarkable features with amazing android power? Sounds amazing.

It comes with a clear view display of 8 inches that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Also, the 16GB memory is more than enough to install your useful applications, games, and movies. 

But the main factor that is not popular in the market is the processor. AMD is a known manufacturer of gaming equipment, and the processor in this tablet comes from them. Isn’t that amazing?

6. Dragon Touch Notepad K10

A budget-friendly Tablet on the box and with screen.
Dragon Touch Notepad K10

If we have to choose any tablet as one of our underdog in the list, that would be Dragon touch notepad K10. It comes with strong hardware specs and the latest android version that is available right now.

It has a 10-inch widescreen that you can use and enjoy from time to in your relaxing or working hours. However, the main feature that you can enjoy with this tablet is the fast processing speed.  We have performed tasks from using Netflix and organizing things simultaneously. 

Surprisingly, the 1.3Ghz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM were more than enough to give us the fast and flashy speed we needed. Moreover, the dual speakers that come with the tablet are enough to deliver the flashy speed, which you will definitely enjoy.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 in a landscape orientation and wallpaper of a person sitting on a boat.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

If you are looking for a tablet with the name of a trusted brand and on a tight budget, we have the right one for you. Samsung galaxy tab A7 comes with some fabulous features that are surely going to shook you of your feet. Don’t you believe it? Soon you will.

It is not as cheap as the other tablets, but a little price is worth it with the big 10-inch display and snappy performance that you will be getting from Samsung. However, you might miss the S-pen in this tablet, but the Dolby Atmos surround sound shall hit the chord in your mind, right?

Also, you will be having two months of YouTube premium and six months of Spotify Premium, right out of the box, isn’t it amazing? Although it is a budget-friendly tablet from the Samsung, it is still packed with loads of benefits — such as a 7,040mAh battery that will be enough for you to last fifteen hours.

What are the things to consider before buying an android tablet?

When it comes to choosing the best budget-friendly Android tablets, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. These questions would certainly help you in narrowing down your search, so stay with us and learn about the right option for yourself.

What screen size I need?

It is a subtle question, what screen size should you buy for your android tablet? In the market, you can see different screen sizes. But mainly there are 7-inch tablets and the 10-inch tablet. Now, the decision mainly depends on you. 

However, we suggest you get a 7-inch screen if you have to travel a lot. Since it is an easy and portable device that you can carry along everywhere, but if you have to travel occasionally, then a 10-inch screen size sounds much more promising.

Other than screen size, you should go for an IPS LCD display (or even better OLED) that consumes less battery and provides crisp quality with vibrant colors. Notably, these displays can be more expensive than others.

Budget-friendly android tablet with different images in front.

Which Android version do I need?

There is a lot of fuss going around with android versions. You can see many devices that are running at significantly old versions, and there are also devices that have the latest versions. It mainly depends on your price budget; if you need more features that come with the latest android versions, you have to spend more.

But we suggest you go with your needs. If anything that is falling in your price budget and is fulfilling your needs, it is the better option to go with, instead of getting some redundant features in a significant price tag that you might not use in your life.

What storage do I need?

Storage is an important element when it comes to good devices, but it is crystal clear that even in the best budget-friendly Android tablet, you will not be getting a significant amount of storage. But it will not be an issue if you are getting something that has microSD card support

You can always invest in expandable storage for your device. Other than that, these tablets, which don’t have microSD card slots, are usually 16GB or more, which can be enough for some people. So, if you are a person who uses their tablets occasionally, they are good to go with the limited storage, but if not, then you can go with an expandable storage option.

Budget friendly android tablet in a folio cover. With a cup of black coffee on a side.

Final remarks

It is good to see you down here. We hope this post will not only help you with some of the best budget-friendly Android tablets for yourself but also with how you should buy any tablet ever.

Other than that, we hope you have also decided on the right one for yourself, but we suggest you go for Lenovo smart tab M10 plus, which is an amazing device. However, it can be expensive but definitely worth the price.

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