Important Things to Know about Amiga A500 Mini | Shall I Get One?

Important things about Amiga A500 you should know

After the popularity of Commodore’s Amiga 500, Retro Games Ltd has recently launched the Amiga a500 mini. In fact, Amiga a500 mini is a mini retro console that is packed with 25 fascinating games.

It’s an emulation of the most popular Commodore’s Amiga 500 with some incredible additional features. With its fantastic games and easy-to-use mouse and keyboard collection, this console will make you forget the classic consoles. Let us dive deep to know more about this mini console. 

Amiga a500 mini-games

Without a doubt, the fantastic feature of the Amiga a500 mini (WHDLoad), you will also be able to load your games via USB stick. Apart from this feature, it comes with 25 classic games, out of which some games are mentioned below. 

• Another World

• Alien Breed 3D

• ATR: All Terrain Racing

• Cadaver

• Battle Chess

• Kick Off 2

• Simon the Sorcerer

• Pinball Dreams

• Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

• Worms: The Director’s Cut

• The Chaos Engine

• Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension

Amiga a500 console set in white color
Classic Amiga A500 Setup

Features of the Amiga a500 Mini

The Amiga a500 Mini console is based on the 16-bit Commodore personal computer and includes recreation of the original A500 (OCS) chipset and the A1200’s Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA). That means it can run games from the Amiga 500, 600, and 1200 eras with precision.

It comes with a traditional two-buttoned mouse and a precision keyboard which is 8 buttoned. Both the mouse and gamepad are wired with a 6-foot USB connection. Obviously, since the keyboard is small and unusable, you can replace it with a basic USB PC keyboard for a better experience. 

And It includes the standard features found in most mini consoles these days, such as:

• 720p HD screen refresh options at 50Hz and 60Hz.

• Save and resume option.

• Number of scaling options.

• CRT filters.

• Virtual Keyboard and USB keyboard support.

• Upgradable firmware.

Besides all other features, it comes with WHDLoad support. It means you have an option to play your choice of games with the help of just a USB stick. Amiga a500 mini will come with a game save option, which will let you finish the strict levels of games.

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Should you apply for a preorder?

Commodore’s Amiga 500 was sold up to five hundred million units in the whole time. The selling ratio and the high performance of Commodore’s Amiga 500 have raised the expectation level of game players on the launch of Amiga a500 mini.

If you love to play games and are bored with the classic consoles, then you should give it a try. As has been noted, if you once owned an Amiga 500 (or any other), this will bring back the joy of the past =). This new console gives you a whole range of options in games categories. 


This new mini retro console is an excellent option if you are bored with the classic consoles and PlayStation. This can hook you to your seats with its unique features and wide range of games options. The expected price of around 130 seem fair.

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