9 Wow Key Factors of Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 That Will Amaze you

Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 — a portable and foldable phone with a 6.7-inch flex display that gives you all the specs of laptops, tabs, mobile phones in a single gadget. Pretty amazing device, no? But the good stuff doesn’t just end here. The device has 8GB RAM and supports dual storage variants of 256 GB AND 128 GB. The innovative factors of the device are listed below.

Let’s see these factors in some detail. 🙂

1. Cover Screen Innovations

The beauty of the phone is the cover screen. There’re a couple of things you can do from the cover screen. If you swipe to the left, you would have access to many things from music to voice recorder, timer, and a couple more. You can also add extra widgets which will appear in the main widget section. So, you would have a couple of things without opening your phone.

The super convenient feature about the phone is, if you want to click the selfie from the cover screen, double-tap the lock button and snap a picture. If you swipe right and left or up and down, it changes the lenses and modes.

2. Exceptional Split Screen

The split-screen feature is extraordinary as you can browse two applications at a time. So, multitasking is possible in an appropriate way.

galaxy flip 3 unfolded in full glory with pink and blue color dandelion seed wallpapers
Samsung Galaxy Flip 3

3. Remarkable Sound

You will be amazed at the stereo speakers of Samsung galaxy flip 3 that produce an immersive sound experience- makes you feel existing in the scene. 

The speakers are present on top and bottom to create stereo sound and deliver 3D sound. Dolby Atmos technology in the device provides unparalleled depth and clarity of the songs in a new way.

4. Exclusive Camera

Samsung galaxy flip 3 has a dual camera of 12MP with wide sensors and angles. The phone supports a 10MP selfie camera. Moreover, the result of the camera is fantastic, surreal, and non-disappointing.

5. Flex Mode Outlines

Once you open up the camera and start folding your phone, you will see a preview pop at the top of the phone, place it anywhere, and click pictures with hand gestures.

Another exciting point about its camera is that if you click on the top left icon, the preview will drag to the phone’s bottom half. This feature gives a better view of what you’re shooting. Flex mode is not only for cameras, but it’s amazing to watch YouTube videos too.

6. Admirable Battery

Samsung galaxy flip 3 has a large battery of 3300mAh. The fast charging offers 15W with a wired charger of the device. The handset is equipped with 4.5W and 10W reverse wireless and Qi wireless charging, respectively.

7. Finger Sensor Gestures

The Finger sensor gesture is one of the outstanding factors of the galaxy flip 3. Enable the finger sensor gesture from the settings, and the amazing feature will enable you to access the notification panel by simply swiping down on the fingerprint sensor to view the notification panel.

samsung galaxy fiip 3 looking aesthetic folded in hand.

8. Customize Edge Lightning Effect

You can activate the lightning effect for popping up notifications from the settings menu. The edge lighting effect reveals charm by glowing edges after each notification.

9. Water Resistance Remarkability

The first-ever foldable phone has water-resistant features and is surely a wow factor. The phone is impervious to water destruction and is best to use in the rainy seasons and in swimming pools for making videos, pictures, and phone calls. The water resistance certification of the phone is IPX8.


The Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 has amazing features and wow factors that bounce you off the walls. All the outstanding features have been listed above, and the experience of using this device bewilders you for sure.

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