Which one is better: Flipper One or Flipper Zero for Wi-Fi Hacking?

While you may have been using other hacking devices such as the USB Rubber Ducky, Raspberry Pi, or ChameleonMini, the Flipper devices offer a more advanced set of features and capabilities.

Whether you are a hacker just starting out or you have been at it for a while, the debate over which hacking device is better — Flipper Zero vs Other Hacking Devices, is one that is sure to spark some debate. The bottom line is that both of these devices have their advantages and disadvantages, so which one you choose really depends on your specific needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both Flipper Zero and other Wi-Fi hacking devices, comparing their features to help you make an informed decision.

You may have been using the Hacker Watch as your go-to tool, but the Flipper devices offer a more advanced set of features and capabilities. The Flipper Zero offers unique advantages, and it’s important to consider your specific needs before making a decision.
I personally had to replace my Hacker Watch with the Flipper due to its superior functionality and ability to perform a wider range of security assessments.

Since there is currently no official announcement regarding the release of Flipper One, we cannot make a comparison between the Flipper Zero and its hypothetical successor. Therefore, we will focus solely on the Flipper Zero and compare it with other Wi-Fi hacking devices to help you decide which one is right for you? Which device is better? Join us as we examine the details and compare these two devices to other tools on the market.

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What is Flipper Zero?

White flipper 0 with orange background

Flipper Zero is a versatile and affordable tool designed for hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that allow users to explore, test, and break into various electronic devices and systems.

With its compact and durable design, Flipper Zero is easy to carry and use in any setting. It includes a color LCD screen, a full-featured keyboard, and a powerful processor that can handle complex tasks and algorithms.

One of the unique features of Flipper Zero is its ability to emulate various communication protocols, such as NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth. This makes it possible to test and hack different types of smart devices, including door locks, access cards, and mobile phones.

Flipper Zero also supports a range of wireless interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave, which can be used to control and manipulate IoT devices. Its built-in infrared transmitter can send and receive signals from remote controls, allowing users to automate and control various appliances.

In addition to its hardware capabilities, Flipper also includes a versatile software stack that supports multiple programming languages and frameworks. This makes it easy for developers to create and test their own custom applications and scripts.

Overall, Flipper is a powerful and versatile tool for hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists. However, if you’re looking to expand your hacking toolkit, consider checking out our article on the 9 Best Flipper Zero Alternatives: Expanding Your 2023 Hacking Toolkit. It explores various alternatives that can complement or surpass Flipper Zero’s functionalities, allowing you to stay at the forefront of hacking and security research or for anyone looking to explore and test the limits of modern technology.

Key Features

  • Portability: The Flipper Zero is a small, portable gadget that can be easily carried around.
  • Long Range: The device has a long range and can hack into any Wi-Fi network from up to 500 feet (0.15 km) away.
  • Fast: The device is very fast and can crack even the most complex passwords in just a few seconds.
  • Undetectable: The device is completely undetectable and cannot be traced or tracked by any security software or system.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The device comes with a lifetime warranty, providing protection for your investment.


  • The Flipper Zero Wi-Fi hacking device is user-friendly, requiring only a few clicks to control.
  • Its small and discreet design allows for easy concealment.
  • It is incredibly fast and can hack into any Wi-Fi network in just a matter of seconds.
  • It is very reliable and has never let me down so far.
  • The customer support is excellent, and they are always available to help you if you encounter any problems while using the device.
White flipper 0 in hand with a keychain and arrows in white background.


There are a few potential disadvantages of using the Flipper Zero Wi-Fi hacking device.

  • First, it’s possible that law enforcement or other government agencies may find a use for such a device and try to restrict or ban its use.
  • Second, it’s possible that hackers or other malicious individuals could find ways to exploit the vulnerabilities in the Flipper Zero device, compromising the security of networks and data.
  • Finally, there is always some risk that using any kind of hacking device could result in fines or imprisonment if caught.

Exploring Other Hacking Tools: Alternatives to Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero is an impressive tool, but there are alternatives that perform similar functions. Below are some of the other products and software that can be used for different types of hacking:

  • The USB Rubber Ducky is a gadget that is designed to perform BadUSB attacks and run ducky scripts. It is a handy device that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The Raspberry Pi can be set up as an NFC signal reader. It is a popular device for DIY hacking projects and can be customized to suit various hacking needs.
Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • The ChameleonMini is a portable tool that is specifically designed for NFC security analysis. It is a versatile device that can be used for various NFC-related hacking activities.
  • The Wi-Fi Pineapple is another hacking tool that can be used for pen testing wireless networks. It is similar to Flipper Zero in many ways and is a popular alternative.
  • John the Ripper is a tool that can be used for password-cracking attacks. It is similar to Flipper Zero in its ability to perform BadUSB attacks, but it is a software-based tool that can run on various devices.
  • Smartphones can read and store NFC codes, which is useful for a variety of hacking activities. However, smartphones are limited in their capabilities compared to dedicated hacking gadgets.

While these alternatives can perform some of the same functions as Flipper Zero, they may not have all the features and capabilities that Flipper Zero offers. It’s important to choose the right tool for the job and consider factors such as portability, ease of use, and versatility when selecting a hacking gadget or software.

If you’re interested in exploring more options and expanding your hacking toolkit, be sure to check out our comprehensive article on the “9 Best Flipper Zero Alternatives: Expanding Your 2023 Hacking Toolkit.” It provides a detailed overview of additional alternatives that can further enhance your hacking capabilities.

The Truth About Flipper Zero’s Capabilities: Is It Really That Dangerous?

Flipper Zero is marketed as a hacking gadget that can perform various actions, but once you remove the hype, its actual capabilities are limited and can be replicated using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi with add-on boards. For instance, the sub-gigahertz transceiver feature can be purchased on Amazon for less than $10, and its vulnerability can be exploited by anyone with basic skills.

However, the remedy to this vulnerability is relatively simple, using a rolling code system that generates a new code each time an action is performed, and the Flipper Zero is designed not to break these systems. But, there is bad news, rolling codes can still be beaten by other hacking gadgets like the HackRF, which was first demonstrated in 2015 at DEF CON, and can steal codes and perform actions against the target at will.

The point here is that there are much more sophisticated attacks out there, and if the Flipper Zero was all it took to hack your system, you should be grateful for the wake-up call. Nevertheless, the fact remains that anyone with access to the device can potentially cause harm. While it may be a mostly harmless reminder to harden security, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Flipper Zero Wi-Fi module Flipper One

The Capabilities of Flipper Zero for Reading and Hacking Low-Frequency RFID

The Flipper Zero is a gadget that can read, save, emulate, and even brute force low-frequency RFID. While this function may be unnerving, it’s not game-changing, and the Flipper is only useful if there is very old encryption or none at all. If you’re worried about something more modern, like the RFID on your passport getting stolen, it’s probably not an issue since it’s encrypted. The Flipper can be useful for reading pet microchips, but don’t expect it to crack a vault in a heist.

Flipper Zero and NFC: What You Need to Know

NFC is a subset of RFID, operating at higher frequencies. With the Flipper Zero, you can read, write, and emulate NFC. However, it’s only effective on devices using older encryption, such as Mi Fair Classic. Even with tap-to-pay credit cards, the attacker would need the physical card to use the information obtained. Transit systems with security flaws related to their NFC are quick to patch them. The Flipper Zero can also be used to emulate Amiibos, but there are cheaper alternatives.

BadUSB: What You Need to Know

The Flipper Zero offers the ability to perform BadUSB attacks, similar to the USB rubber ducky. However, according to experts, the Flipper Zero’s performance in this area is not as strong as other devices. Nonetheless, it offers versatility and can be controlled remotely from both phones and computers using their slick apps. This makes it a potential threat in the hands of a creative attacker. Be aware of the risks and stay vigilant.

GPIO: What You Need to Know

When it comes to hacking and exploring new technologies, the Flipper Zero is a versatile tool for hobbyists, security researchers, and hackers alike. One of its most impressive features is its ability to use the general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins to add on new functionalities.

By using add-on boards, you can enhance the Flipper Zero’s capabilities, such as adding Wi-Fi, cameras, or 2.4 gigahertz RF features. With just a few dollars worth of electronics, you can take advantage of the unpatched Logitech receivers’ vulnerabilities and execute bad USB Ducky scripts.

However, it’s important to note that other devices like Raspberry Pi or Arduino can also use GPIO to add on features. Realistically, an Android phone could even be used. The possibilities are endless, and the sky’s the limit.

In conclusion, the GPIO pins offer a plethora of possibilities for tech enthusiasts to explore, and with the Flipper Zero, it’s never been easier to do so.

Will There Be a Flipper One Version? Exploring the Possibility of a New Flipper Device

With the release of the Flipper Zero Wi-Fi hacking device, many are wondering if a Flipper One version is on the horizon. While there has been no official announcement yet, there is speculation about what new features could be added to a potential Flipper One.

One possibility is the inclusion of more powerful hardware, such as a faster processor and increased memory capacity. This could allow for even faster password cracking and other hacking activities.

Additionally, the Flipper One could have built-in Bluetooth capabilities for even more hacking options. Another potential addition could be a larger battery, providing longer usage time and more convenience for on-the-go hacking. The addition of a touchscreen display could also make the device easier to navigate and control.

Overall, if a Flipper One is released, it could offer even more powerful and versatile hacking capabilities.

white flipper zero versus black flipper one on a cyan background
Flipper Zero vs. Flipper One

Final Thoughts

Flipper Devices Inc. has built an incredible success story with the Flipper Zero, raising $5 million through Kickstarter and delivering fully on its promises. With a community of tens of thousands of people, the Flipper Zero has been turned into a true Swiss army knife of hacking devices. And if the current momentum is any indication, new add-ons, programs, and custom firmware are going to continue to extend the lifespan and utility of the device as time goes on.

But the question remains, will there be a Flipper One? Only time will tell if this gadget will see the light of day, but if it does, it could potentially be an even more versatile and powerful hacking tool.

If you’re still unsure which Wi-Fi hacking device is right for you, be sure to delve deeper into the realm of white-hat hacking and WLAN adapters, and don’t miss the informative article on the “8 Best WLAN Adapters for White-Hat Hacking.” Discover the top adapters, their features, compatibilities, advantages, and limitations, enabling you to make informed decisions and expand your hacking capabilities beyond the Flipper Zero.


  1. First of all neither have wifi capabilities. Obviously written by chat-gpt. This article is straight garbage.

    • Hi Max! I can assure you that this article was not generated by ChatGPT. At the time of writing the article, Chatgpt was not open to the public yet. The date of the article is updated to this year.

  2. Not sure if this is a joke but the Flipper Zero company website doesn’t mention the so called “Flipper One”, absolutely nobody I know has every heard of the ‘Flipper One”. The official website even says that “Flipper Zero” is their first product. As for the “Flipper Zero” being a so called “Wi-Fi hacking device”, out of the box, it’s not even Wifi enabled (this can be confirmed by the official website). I doubt this has anything close to a lifetime guarantee. The “Flipper Zero” is an awesome device for analyzing wireless communications but it is far from user friendly and you will need plenty of tech knowledge. I found this article to be highly inaccurate.

    • Thank you dear Kameal for sharing your thoughts. It’s important to note that at the time of writing the article, there were promises of a Flipper One, but it’s not confirmed whether it will be released. As for the Flipper Zero, while it may not be user-friendly for everyone, it is a powerful device for analyzing wireless communications. We strive to provide accurate information and appreciate your feedback.

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