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If you’re a tech enthusiast who lived through the late 1990s, you might just get hit with a wave of nostalgia when you hear the name Pwnagotchi. This handheld device was a trusted companion that taught us how to solve computer glitches and bugs. But now, Pwnagotchi is making a grand comeback, ready to reclaim its throne in the world of Wi-Fi hacking. However, there’s a new player in town, and it goes by the name of Flipper Zero. It’s time to delve into the exciting showdown of Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero and see how these two powerhouses measure up against each other.

What is Pwnagotchi?

Pwnagotchi, the brainchild of the renowned security research group, Hak5, is a cutting-edge Wi-Fi hacking device that revolutionizes the world of penetration testing and network auditing. This handheld marvel is specifically designed to infiltrate and exploit WPA/WPA2-protected networks, paving the way for unparalleled wireless security assessments.

Powered by an ingenious combination of A2C technology, bettercap, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pwnagotchi possesses an artificial intelligence that adapts and learns from its surrounding Wi-Fi environment. Through a meticulous process of passive sniffing and strategic deauthentication and association attacks, it maximizes its collection of crackable WPA key material. This invaluable information is then stored in PCAP files, encompassing a wide range of handshake types, including full and half WPA handshakes as well as PMKIDs, all supported by hashcat.

Unlike the mundane realm of traditional reinforcement learning “AI” that indulges in Super Mario or Atari games, Pwnagotchi elevates itself by continuously fine-tuning its own parameters. With every encounter in real-world environments, this intelligent device evolves and enhances its prowess in pwning Wi-Fi systems like never before.

Equipped with a vibrant color LCD screen, Pwnagotchi proudly displays crucial details regarding the networks it infiltrates.

Overall Pick

Introducing the Pwnagotchi, a cutting-edge A2C-based “AI” powered by bettercap, seamlessly running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This compact device is designed to intelligently learn from its surrounding WiFi environment, strategically maximizing the capture of crackable WPA key material. Whether through passive sniffing or tactical deauthentication and association attacks, the Pwnagotchi ensures an advanced approach to securing WiFi networks

Key Features

Dive into the world of Wi-Fi hacking and unlock the true potential with Pwnagotchi. This AI-powered device immerses itself in the surrounding Wi-Fi environment, capturing and maximizing crackable WPA key material. Let’s delve into the key features that make Pwnagotchi a force to be reckoned with in the realm of network security:

Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero go head to head on a grey background

Deep Reinforcement Learning:

Pwnagotchi harnesses the power of deep reinforcement learning to continually learn from its environment. This cutting-edge technology enables the device to enhance its ability to capture valuable WPA key material over time.

Bettercap Integration:

Built upon the foundation of bettercap, a powerful network tool, Pwnagotchi leverages its capabilities to deliver exceptional functionality and performance. Expect nothing less than unparalleled WiFi hacking potential.

Versatile Modes:

Pwnagotchi offers three distinct operating modes to adapt to varying scenarios. Choose between MANUAL, AUTO, and AI modes, empowering you with flexibility and control throughout your network penetration testing endeavors.

User-Friendly Web Interface:

Accessible via http://pwnagotchi.local:8080/, Pwnagotchi’s intuitive web interface provides a seamless and informative experience. Stay updated with real-time data and effortlessly navigate through its user-friendly UI.

Customizable Plugins:

Pwnagotchi boasts a simple plugin system, empowering users to customize and tailor its behavior to their specific requirements. Unleash your creativity and extend the capabilities of this remarkable device.

Intelligent Storage:

Pwnagotchi diligently saves all captured handshakes in PCAP files, preserving invaluable data for further analysis and decryption. Dive deeper into the intricacies of network security with every file stored on its filesystem.

Access Point Insights:

Exchange vital information about access points effortlessly. Pwnagotchi provides details such as network name, signal strength, number of pwned networks, and current channel, allowing for comprehensive assessment and strategic decision-making.

E-Ink Display Compatibility:

Take advantage of an optional supported e-ink display to elevate your Pwnagotchi experience. Showcase the device’s UI on a sleek and versatile e-ink screen, adding a touch of elegance to your hacking endeavors.

Configuration Freedom:

Tailor Pwnagotchi’s behavior to your specific needs. Simply edit the /etc/pwnagotchi/config.toml file to customize its configuration, ensuring a personalized WiFi hacking experience.

Data Encryption:

Pwnagotchi takes data security seriously. Utilizing the dm-crypt subsystem of Linux, sensitive data remains protected, mitigating the risk of leaks and safeguarding your valuable information.

Benefits of Pwnagotchi

Pwnagotchi, the ultimate tool for wireless security auditing and hacking, brings forth a multitude of benefits that revolutionize your cybersecurity journey. Let’s delve into the advantages that make Pwnagotchi an indispensable asset:

Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness:

By embracing Pwnagotchi, users gain valuable insights into the inner workings of hackers. This hands-on experience fosters a deeper understanding of cyber threats and equips individuals with the knowledge to fortify their defenses against potential attacks.

Skill Development in Penetration Testing:

Pwnagotchi serves as an exceptional platform to nurture and enhance your penetration testing skills. Through active engagement with this remarkable device, users can sharpen their expertise in ethical hacking and penetration testing methodologies.

Seamless Portability and User-Friendliness:

Pwnagotchi’s true brilliance lies in its effortless portability. With no external adapters or cables required, it’s incredibly easy to use and highly convenient to carry wherever your cybersecurity adventures take you. Its compact design ensures that cybersecurity prowess is always at your fingertips.

Extended Operation with Built-in Battery:

Experience uninterrupted exploration and testing sessions with Pwnagotchi’s built-in battery. Whether you’re analyzing networks or conducting security assessments, this dependable power source keeps you engaged for hours on end.

The Power of Deep Reinforcement Learning:

Pwnagotchi leverages the cutting-edge technology of deep reinforcement learning to adapt and evolve with every interaction. This enables the device to continuously improve its ability to capture valuable WPA key material, ensuring optimum performance throughout your wireless security endeavors.

Amplified Range with Enhanced Antenna:

Select Pwnagotchi models go the extra mile by offering an improved antenna for enhanced range. This invaluable feature broadens your network exploration capabilities, allowing you to uncover vulnerabilities even in distant corners of wireless networks.

Remote Control and Management:

Connect with Pwnagotchi seamlessly through a web interface over Bluetooth. This empowers users to exercise complete control over the device, enabling safe shutdowns and effortless remote management, ensuring optimal utilization of this powerful tool.

What is Flipper Zero?

Flipper zero with original screen and button that are used to hack signals around.

Flipper Zero is a versatile and affordable tool designed for hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that allow users to explore, test, and break into various electronic devices and systems.

With its compact and durable design, Flipper Zero is easy to carry and use in any setting. It includes a color LCD screen, a full-featured keyboard, and a powerful processor that can handle complex tasks and algorithms.

One of the unique features of Flipper Zero is its ability to emulate various communication protocols, such as NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth. This makes it possible to test and hack different types of smart devices, including door locks, access cards, and mobile phones.

Flipper Zero also supports a range of wireless interfaces, such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave, which can be used to control and manipulate IoT devices. Its built-in infrared transmitter can send and receive signals from remote controls, allowing users to automate and control various appliances.

In addition to its hardware capabilities, Flipper Zero also includes a versatile software stack that supports multiple programming languages and frameworks. This makes it easy for developers to create and test their own custom applications and scripts.

Overall, Flipper Zero is a powerful and flexible tool designed for hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists alike. It encompasses a wide range of features and capabilities that enable users to push the boundaries of modern technology. Whether you’re exploring the depths of Wi-Fi hacking or conducting in-depth security research, Flipper Zero proves to be an indispensable companion.

Its compact size ensures portability without compromising on functionality. The intuitive interface simplifies the user experience, allowing for seamless navigation and effortless control. Supported by a versatile software stack, Flipper Zero empowers users with limitless possibilities.

Curious about the comparison between Flipper One and Flipper Zero for Wi-Fi hacking? Explore our guide on “Which one is better: Flipper One or Flipper Zero for Wi-Fi Hacking?” to gain deeper insights into these exceptional devices and make an informed decision on the most suitable choice for your specific needs.

In conclusion, Flipper Zero stands as an essential tool, ready to accompany you on your hacking journey. Embrace its power, flexibility, and relentless pursuit of technological exploration.

The Key Features

    • Portability: The Flipper Zero is a small, portable gadget that can be easily carried around.
    • Long Range: The device has a long range and can hack into any Wi-Fi network from up to 500 feet (0.15 km) away.
    • Fast: The device is very fast and can crack even the most complex passwords in just a few seconds.
    • Undetectable: The device is completely undetectable and cannot be traced or tracked by any security software or system.
    • Lifetime Warranty: The device comes with a lifetime warranty, providing protection for your investment.

Benefits of Flipper Zero

A flipper zero is a wifi hacking device that allows you to access any network without permission. By spoofing the MAC address of an authorized device on the network, the flipper zero can gain access and collect data or passwords.

The benefits of a flipper zero are many. 

black image with codes and white lock in the center Flipper Zero
  • Access Restricted Networks: Flipper Zero empowers you to securely access networks that are not publicly available. This feature proves invaluable for businesses conducting security testing or digital nomads seeking a secure connection without explicit permission.
  • Authorized Device Data Collection: Gain insights by collecting data or passwords from authorized devices within the network. Whether for research or legitimate purposes, this capability allows for a deeper understanding of network operations and security measures.
  • Enhance Network Security Knowledge: Flipper Zero serves as a valuable educational tool, providing insights into network operations and security protocols. Armed with this knowledge, you can better safeguard your own networks against potential hacking attempts.
  • User-Friendly Control: Flipper Zero boasts a user-friendly interface that requires just a few clicks to operate effectively. Seamlessly navigate the device’s functionalities with ease.
  • Discreet Design: With its small and inconspicuous design, Flipper Zero allows for effortless concealment. Maintain a low profile while carrying out your Wi-Fi hacking activities.
  • Lightning-Fast Performance: Experience the remarkable speed of Flipper Zero as it swiftly penetrates Wi-Fi networks in a matter of seconds. Expedite your hacking endeavors with this efficient device.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Count on Flipper Zero’s unwavering reliability throughout your hacking ventures. Trust in its consistent performance, ensuring that it meets your expectations.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Flipper Zero prides itself on its outstanding customer support. In the event of any challenges or issues encountered while using the device, rest assured that prompt and reliable assistance is readily available.

Head-to-head comparison of Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero

Green Pwnagotchi vs Orange and white Flipper Zero on a grey background

Brace yourself for an epic clash in the realm of Wi-Fi hacking as we present a head-to-head comparison of Pwnagotchi and Flipper Zero. These technological powerhouses are about to engage in a thrilling battle, and only one will emerge as the ultimate champion. Join us as we dive deep into the captivating details and discover which device reigns supreme.

Pwnagotchi: The AI Powerhouse

Standing tall in the realm of Wi-Fi hacking, Pwnagotchi harnesses the incredible potential of deep reinforcement learning. With an insatiable appetite for crackable WPA key material, this AI-powered device continuously learns from its surroundings, pushing the boundaries of its hacking capabilities. Its intuitive web interface provides real-time insights, while the flexible plugin system empowers users to customize its behavior. Pwnagotchi truly commands respect in the world of Wi-Fi hacking.

Flipper Zero: The Versatile Contender

Stepping into the arena, Flipper Zero brings forth its versatility to cater to the needs of hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists alike. With a sleek and compact design, it offers portability without compromising functionality. Featuring an intuitive interface and a versatile software stack, Flipper Zero unlocks endless possibilities. Whether you’re embarking on Wi-Fi hacking adventures or conducting in-depth security research, Flipper Zero proves to be a formidable contender in the field.

The Battle for Supremacy

As these titans clash, consider the following factors to determine which device will claim victory:

  • Unique Capabilities: Evaluate the specific features that align with your goals. Pwnagotchi’s deep reinforcement learning and customizable plugins may appeal to those seeking advanced customization. Meanwhile, Flipper Zero’s versatility and user-friendly interface make it a well-rounded choice.
  • Performance Prowess: Examine the performance metrics of each device. Pwnagotchi’s AI-driven learning and optimization could give it an advantage in capturing crackable WPA key material. Flipper Zero’s compact design ensures it remains efficient without compromising on power.
  • User Experience: Take into account the overall user experience provided by each device. Pwnagotchi offers a real-time web interface and granular control for tech enthusiasts. Flipper Zero focuses on simplicity with its intuitive interface and adaptable software stack.

Which device is better for specific purposes?

When it comes to selecting the right device for your specific purposes in the world of Wi-Fi hacking, it’s essential to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of both Pwnagotchi and Flipper Zero, helping you make an informed decision based on your requirements.

face of the old pwnagotchi smile in white color

Pros and Cons of Pwnagotchi


  • Deep Reinforcement Learning: Pwnagotchi’s AI-powered capabilities allow it to continuously learn from its environment, maximizing its ability to capture crackable WPA key material.
  • Customizability: With a flexible plugin system, Pwnagotchi empowers users to customize its behavior, tailoring it to their specific needs.
  • Real-Time Web Interface: Pwnagotchi provides a user-friendly web interface that offers real-time insights and control over its operations.
  • Advanced Penetration Testing: The combination of Pwnagotchi’s learning capabilities and its ability to collect various types of handshakes makes it a powerful tool for penetration testing.


  • Learning Curve: Pwnagotchi’s advanced features and customization options may require a learning curve for users who are new to Wi-Fi hacking or AI-powered devices.
  • Limited Hardware Support: Pwnagotchi’s compatibility with certain hardware adapters may be limited, requiring users to ensure they have the right equipment for optimal performance.
Flipper zero sending unlock signal to red parking barrier

Pros and Cons of Flipper Zero


  • Versatility: Flipper Zero caters to a wide range of users, including hackers, security researchers, and hobbyists, offering a versatile toolset for various purposes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Flipper Zero’s intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Compact and Portable: Flipper Zero’s compact design allows for easy portability, making it convenient for on-the-go hacking tasks.
  • Diverse Software Stack: With a versatile software stack, Flipper Zero provides ample opportunities for customization and expanding its capabilities.


  • Less Advanced AI Capabilities: Unlike Pwnagotchi, Flipper Zero may not offer the same level of deep reinforcement learning, which could impact its performance in capturing crackable WPA key material.
  • Limited Customizability: While Flipper Zero offers customization options, they may not be as extensive as those provided by Pwnagotchi’s plugin system.

By weighing the pros and cons of Pwnagotchi and Flipper Zero, you can determine which device aligns better with your specific objectives. Consider factors such as the level of customization needed, the learning curve you’re comfortable with, and the desired portability and versatility.


While both Pwnagotchi and Flipper Zero are impressive WiFi hacking devices, Flipper Zero emerges as the clear winner. With its faster performance, user-friendly interface, and a wide range of features, it surpasses the capabilities of Pwnagotchi. Whether you’re a seasoned hacker or a beginner exploring the world of WiFi network penetration, Flipper Zero provides an exceptional experience that simplifies the hacking process. When it comes to choosing a device to hack into WiFi networks, Flipper Zero stands tall as the top choice.


  1. This article is full of misinformation or just wrong. Firstly the pwnagotchi has an black and white e-ink display like the old ebook readers. Secondly the pwnagotchi does not necessarily have a battery it is an option you can use when building the pwnagotchi. Thirdly the flipper zero does not have built in WiFi, one must build or buy a WiFi dev board to use WiFi with flipper zero. Basically everything on this page is garbage. It’s overselling features, making some up, and leaving out the fact you need extra crap to make some of these things work. Flipper zero and pwnagotchi are both good tools that I carry daily. Buy a flipper zero or build a pwnagotchi, you won’t be sorry you did.

    • Thank you Chris for pointing out the inaccuracies in the previous content. We apologize for any misinformation provided. Based on your feedback, we have reviewed and updated the information to ensure accuracy. The Pwnagotchi indeed features a black and white e-ink display, and the inclusion of a battery is optional. Similarly, the Flipper Zero does not have built-in WiFi and requires an additional WiFi dev board for WiFi functionality.

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