If you were alive in the late 1990s, there’s a good chance you remember Pwnagotchi, the handheld device that taught you how to troubleshoot and fix computer problems. Pwnagotchi is back, and this time it has some serious competition from the new Flipper Zero. So let’s take a close look at Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero.

What is Pwnagotchi?

Pwnagotchi is a WiFi hacking device that was created by the popular security research group, Hak5. The device is designed to be used for WiFi pen-testing and auditing. It’s a small, handheld unit that can be used to hack into WPA/WPA2-protected networks. The device has a color LCD screen that displays information about the networks it’s been able to hack into.

Key Features

  • First, it doesn’t require any external adapters or cables. This makes it portable and easy to use.
  • Second, Pwnagotchi comes with a pre-installed Kali Linux operating system. This makes it easy to use for anyone who is familiar with Kali Linux.
  • Finally, Pwnagotchi has a built-in battery that allows it to run for hours on end.
Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero go head to head on a grey background

4 Benefits of Pwnagotchi

The Pwnagotchi is a wifi hacking device that can be used to break into networks, steal passwords, and exploit vulnerabilities. It’s a great tool for security professionals and penetration testers who need to test the security of their networks and systems.

Pwnagotchi also has a number of other benefits, including the following.

  1. Enhanced cybersecurity awareness and knowledge.
  2. Improved understanding of how hackers operate.
  3. A greater understanding of how to protect against cyber attacks.
  4. Better skills in penetration testing and ethical hacking.

What is Flipper Zero?

Flipper Zero is a wifi hacking device that allows you to access passwords and other sensitive information stored on devices that are connected to the same network.

It does this by intercepting and decrypting data packets transmitted between the device and the router. This allows you to see the contents of emails, passwords, text messages, and any other type of information that is being transmitted.

Flipper zero with original screen and button that are used to hack signals around.

Key Features

  • The four best key features of the Flipper Zero wifi hacking device are its compact size, USB charging, long battery life, and discreet design.
  • This handy little device is perfect for hackers on the go, as it fits easily into a pocket or purse.
  • It also charges quickly via USB, so you can always be ready to hack into that next network.
  • With a long battery life of up to 8 hours, you can stay online all day long! Plus, its discreet design means no one will ever know you are up to no good.

3 Benefits of Flipper Zero

A flipper zero is a wifi hacking device that allows you to access any network without permission. By spoofing the MAC address of an authorized device on the network, the flipper zero can gain access and collect data or passwords.

The benefits of a flipper zero are many. 

black image with codes and white lock in the center
  1. First, it allows you to access networks that are not open to the public. This can be useful for businesses who want to test their security or for digitalnomads who want to connect to a secure network without permission.
  2. Second, it allows you to collect data or passwords from authorized devices on the network. This can be used for nefarious purposes or simply for research purposes.
  3. At last, it helps you learn about how networks operate and how they are secured. With this knowledge, you can better protect your own networks from being hacked.

Head-to-head comparison of Pwnagotchi vs Flipper Zero

Pwnagotchi and Flipper Zero are both great WiFi hacking devices. They’re both small and portable, they both come with a pre-installed Kali Linux operating system, and they both have built-in batteries that allow them to run for hours on end. However, there are some key differences between the two devices.

Such as, Pwnagotchi has an RGB LCD screen, while Flipper Zero has a color LCD screen. This means that Pwnagotchi can display more information than Flipper Zero. 

Green Pwnagotchi vs Orange and white Flipper Zero on a grey background

Also, Pwnagotchi comes with a case and stand, while Flipper Zero does not. 

And lastly, Pwnagotchi is slightly less expensive than Flipper Zero.

Which device is better for specific purposes?

Pwnagotchi is better for general WiFi pen-testing and auditing. It’s more affordable than Flipper Zero and has a better screen for displaying information.

Flipper Zero is better for advanced WiFi pen-testing and auditing. It’s more expensive than Pwnagotchi, but it comes with some advanced features that Pwnagotchi doesn’t have, such as the ability to clone websites.

Pros and Cons of Pwnagotchi

Let’s have a look at the certain advantages and disadvantages that you can get from Pwnagotchi.

face of the old pwnagotchi smile in white color


  • More affordable than Flipper Zero.
  • It comes with a case and a stand.
  • RGB LCD screen displays more information than Flipper Zero’s color LCD screen.


  • Less powerful than Flipper Zero.
  • It does not come with some of the advanced features that Flipper Zero has.

Pros and Cons of Flipper Zero

Fipper Zero have plenty of benefits and some drawbacks; let’s have a look at them together.


  • More powerful than Pwnagotchi.
  • Can clone websites.
  • The color LCD screen is easier to read than Pwnagotchi’s RGB LCD screen.


  • More expensive than Pwnagotchi.
  • It does not come with a case or stand.
  • It does not have as good of a screen for displaying information as Pwnagotchi.
Flipper zero sending unlock signal to red parking barrier


Although the Pwnagotchi is a great WiFi hacking device. The Flipper Zero is even better. It’s faster, easier to use, and has more features. If you want to hack into a WiFi network, Flipper Zero is a big-time winner.

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