Full Guide to Xiaomi Cyberdog Features, Price and Comparison

You might have seen those high-end robots in the movies, roaming around and helping people. Xiaomi CyberDog is here in the market for you to provide you with that futuristic experience

In this brief guide, I will try to cover all the questions you have and tell you what you need to know about this advanced gadget made by Xiaomi, which is the center of attention now, after everyone saw the impressive Boston Dynamics Spot.

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What is the Flipper Zero Multitool for Hackers?

Stepping into the hacking world can be a little tough for beginners. But if you get your hands on some of the pretty tools out there, your journey would become much easier.

In that regard, I have the Flipper Zero, a combination of all the hardware hacking tools that you need. It’s much more versatile than my Hacker Watch.

It is an electronic tool that can be used for various kinds of hardware hacking in real life. Flipper Zero is an inspired version of the pwnagotchi project (A “Tamagotchi for Hackers” – you’ll only understand if you’re old enough 😉 ).

Suppose you need to open those automatic garage doors or get into the remote that controls the home appliances. Flipper Zero for hackers can cover you in all aspects. 

Here is some more brief about this hacking multitool.

Flipper zero a hacking tool with a orange colored dolphin on the screen, held in the hand.
Flipper Zero, a hacking multitool

What’s inside Flipper Zero?

As the word multitool represents, there are several components to do most of the hardware hacking. 

The key points for all the stuff that this Flipper Zero have are the following:

  • STM32 Microcontroller unit, with a frequency of 80MHz and SRAM of 128KB.
  • 1.4’’ Monochrome LCD display with a resolution of 128×64 px.
  • Radio Module of 12 dBm TX power that can operate on 300-348MHz, which is a wide range and covers most of the devices.
  • Buzzer with a sound output of 87dB.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with a data rate of 2Mbps.
  • MicroSD card support of 4GB.
  • RFID with a frequency of 125kHz.
  • Infrared with a TX/RX range of 800-950 nm and TX power of 3mW.
  • Dimensions of 98 x 39 x 24 mm and weighs 140 grams.
  • LiPo 2000mAH battery that can last about 7 days.
  • A vibration motor.
  • NFC that supports Mifare cards.

Although these are a lot of things that come inside, don’t you think that is the wonder of this tool? It holds so many things in a small size. I mean, wow! Technology.

Let’s have a look at what you can do with this tool. Or we can say, what the Flipper Zero can do in your everyday life?

What can you do with Flipper Zero?

Since it comes full of hardware, you can assume it to be used for several different functions.

Your own Barrier Remover

Out of the box, Flipper Zero is ready to manipulate those garage doors and barriers that come in your way. All you have to do is to select the right brand of the system in front of the menu, and you are good to go.

How you can use Flipper Zero to remove barriers in your way?

Customizable Radio Platform

Apart from a barrier remover, this tool can be used as a customizable radio platform with a ready-to-use open-source library. You can write over any wireless application with the help of custom protocols and access the systems.

Can Store Hundred of Card IDs

Thanks to its storage and the RFID, you can create an image of your cards for receivers. It can read the EM-4100 and HID Prox cards and emulate them in the hour of need by choosing through the menu, without ever touching the physical cards.

Hardware Hacking Tool

It has 12 built-in GPIO pins that are 5V tolerant and allow you to connect it to any hardware that you come across. You can control the hardware with your own debug messages send by this small tool.

Yes, this is for you, Rasberry Pi & Arduino fanboys!

Infrared Remote Control

Flipper has its own transceiver that you can use to control all the electronics such as TV, air conditioners, and others.

It has a built-in command for common actions such as switching on/off, changing the volume, or adjusting the temperature.

Enjoy Your Everyday Life

Although Flipper Zero has more application than I mentioned, make sure that should only use it to make your everyday life easy.

It’s not intended for any theft or criminal acts. Hence, you should avoid it. And of course, we would never use it for Wardriving or coping access keys & cards, right? 😉
Other than this multitool, a tool which is even smaller: Wireless payment rings are also taking a lot of limelight for the past few days. Make sure to check them out too.

10 best productivity books for freelancers in 2021

Freelancing isn’t a piece of cake. Although you can see several perks and privileges that come with this fabulous career, however, there are some challenges. The main aspect that most freelancers struggle with is productivity, time management, and marketing. To help you out, we are going to focus on these aspects with our list of the best productivity books for freelancers in 2021.

Make sure to read it till the end, so you can get the essence of the book and excel in your career. Here is a list of all the productivity books that have boosted so many freelancers. And enabled them to work with authoritative entities.

Check out this list and read everyone – it’s worth it:

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7 Best budget-friendly android tablets by experts in 2021

Budget-friendly android tablets have changed the world since they came into existence. Not that they are only proving themselves essential but also effective in several uses. A tablet can be used as a small TV screen that you can watch while relaxing on your bed. Also, it can be helpful in your travel journeys as a portable device, which will not take much space as a regular notebook.

These tablets can be a viable option if you are running a little low on budget, or you don’t want an expensive iPad. Nonetheless, the case, our expert team at DigitalNomadhardware has picked some fantastic options for you to try. So, how about you have a look at our collection of the 15 best budget-friendly Android tablets.

Table of content

These are the best value tablets:

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Guide to wireless payment rings and why you should consider buying them?

Suppose you are getting late for your meeting, you ran straight to the meeting, and on your way back, you had to buy groceries, but the worst part is that you forgot your credit card at home. Something similar might have happened to you in the past, right? What if you could keep your payment medium on you pretty much all time? To your surprise, a wireless payment ring can be your solution.

Wireless payment rings are just like simple rings that you can wear all the time but keeping your payment mediums along with you. These NFC rings can act the same as your credit cards, all you have to do is to activate them, and you are good to go to make quick payments.

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