How to Clean Flat Screen TV at Home Easily

Most people don’t think of it as a big problem, but when you buy an expensive TV, the first question that pops into your mind is how to clean a flat screen TV at home, right?

The majority of people clean it as an ordinary insensitive object, but you have to be careful while cleaning the flat screen as it can damage the crystals of your TV screen.

The harsh cleaning of screens leads to irreparable damage and eventually, you will have to replace your TV. By the way – all this is the same for your laptop screen of course.

The problem here is most people don’t know how to clean flat-screen TV at home. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we have covered you all about how to clean flat-screen TV at home.

Let’s get into all about flat TV and flat screen cleaning!

Black flat TV with a green plant on the left side.

What is a Flat TV?

Flat TV is a modern television set that displays channels on a flat, thin screen. The elder generation will remember TV sets with more depth than broadness, so smaller screen glass displays with where are bent. The latest TV screens are in a sleek flat format, which gives a more elegant look.

LCD and PDP are the most common technologies in the use of developing flat TV screens.

  • Liquid crystal display LCD: In between the glass sheets of LCD TVs, tiny liquid-crystal cells are present. The light behind the cells illuminates the cells to develop a clear picture.
  • Plasma display panel PDP: Plasma TVs contain a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells. These ionized gas molecules respond to an electric field to create a clear image.

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Why is it Hard to Clean a Flat TV Screen?

Flat TV screens today most often have a flexible material on them that can easily get damaged due to abrasive chemicals. Directly spraying liquid on TV screens can even cause an electric fire. So, these are some of the factors that even cleaning a flat TV screen can be done wrong or right.

Cleaning Flat TV screeen with yellow gloves and Spray

How to Clean Flat Screen TV?

The step-by-step guide of cleaning flat-screen TV is given below.

1. Turn off your TV as it’s harmful to clean a flat TV screen while it’s on. (Not only because of the electrics, but also because the surface temperature is higher)

2. Spray the cleaning spray on a microfiber cloth. Never spray directly on the flat TV screen.

3. Employ the microfiber cleaning cloth in circular motions.

4. Use cotton swabs to clean the edges

5. Cleanse the remote and back of the flat-screen TV

How to Clean Flat Screen TV With Home Remedies?

The home remedies for cleaning flat screen TV are as follows:

1. Detergent

Use a homemade screen cleaning solution of detergent. Mix a drop of liquid soap in a half-watered bowl and stir carefully. If possible, use distilled water, as normal water contains minerals that can cause damage to the screen. Take a small clean cloth and apply a mixture to it. Wring the cloth and gently wipe on the screen.

Putting detergent on the scrub
For illustration only – please don’t use scouring pad. Use a normal or microfiber cloth.


  • This method helps remove stains from the screen.
  • It gives the screen a shiny look


  • It can damage the pixels of the screen if used in excess amounts.

2. Vinegar

The other method of cleaning the TV screen is a solution of vinegar. Add vinegar and distilled water in a bowl in 1:1 quantity. Then repeat the procedure as mentioned above with a clean cloth and gentle hands. This procedure helps cleanse the dust and stains.


  • This method helps remove dust particles and invisible stains on the screen.
  • Vinegar solution doesn’t leave strains.
  • Offers to screen a polished appearance. 

3. Petroleum Jelly

If you get any damage to your flat-screen TV, use petroleum jelly (vaseline) to fix it. Just take a cotton swab — rub it on petroleum jelly, and apply it gently on the scratched area of the screen.


  • Helps remove scratches
  • Displays the bright look of the screen

What Products Can I Use To Clean My Flat TV Screen?

The TV is more prone to dust and bacteria in your house. Many people don’t do the hustle of making solutions at home. So, they can use ready-made products to clean the flat TV screen.

Don’t use window cleaning spray as it contains ammonia and other chemicals, maybe not instantly, but eventually, they will damage anti-reflective layers.

Paper towels, facial tissue, and toilet papers are wood-based materials, and tiny fibers present in them end up scratching your screen.

The most favorable products to clean the flat TV screen are:

1. Screen Wipes

The wipes are handy to use and cleanse the TV screen. The screen wipes are made of gentle ingredients which don’t harm the TV screens. Many companies produce screen wipes. You can easily pick them up of your own choice as they contain similar ingredients and features.


  • Easy to use
  • It gives the screen a gleamy look instantly 

2. Screen Cleaner Sprays

Screen cleaner sprays help to look your TV screen shiny. These sprays are alcohol-free and non-toxic to your TV screens. Just spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth and clean the flat TV screen. Be careful not to do excessive spraying.  In a matter of seconds, you get a clean, dust-free screen.


  • Removes dirt and microbes from the screen
screen spray on a flat TV screeen

3. Alcohol

Although alcohol is not safe for TV screens, it’s beneficial to use if you dilute the alcohol with distilled water. Mix the alcohol and water in 1:2 proportions, dip the clean microfiber cloth in it, remove the liquid completely and gently clean the TV screen. Best do a second cleaning without alcohol to be sure there’s nothing left that can harm your screen.


  • Can remove harder stains


  • If used in excess amount without diluting, it would surely damage the screen. 

4. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

As a cleaning cloth is crucial in cleaning flat TV screens, this is one of the main products you should have in your home. Microfiber cleaning cloths are available in the market which your TV a more finished and shiny look after cleaning.

Green Micro fiber cloth cleaning flat tv screen with pink gloves


  • The main benefit of having microfiber cloth is that it can be re-used. Simply wash it in a washing machine, and it’s ready to use again.
  • It does not harm the screen.
  • You can combine it with the solutions above.


  • Not any


Flat-screen cleaning is not an arduous task, but you have to be careful while cleaning the flat-screen TVs. The article covers the natural ways and artificial products of how to clean flat screen TV at home. I hope this will help.

Enjoy your clean flat screen TV!

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